Arts Management Systems Ltd.

Arts Management Systems or 'ArtsMan' to our clients and friends, is the creative genius behind Theatre Manager venue management software. Since 1985, Theatre Manager software has been used to manage everything from Theatres to Festivals, from Arenas to Performing Art Centers, from Symphony Orchestras to Museums... to just about everything in between. Theatre Manager is used at colleges, universities, municipalities, non-profits and for-profit organizations. Our experience is drawn from many 100s of venues, with 1000s of users. Theatre Manager is an integrated SQL relational database solution with integrated modules to manage any and all points of revenue within an organization. Key modules include: Patron & Household CRM, full Box Office functionality for multiple venues, comprehensive Donor and Fundraising, robust Marketing and Email Blast functionality, complete Facility and Project Management. ArtsMan's value differentiation is... we do not charge any ticket or transaction fees. Client organizations keep 100% of all fee revenue streams. Typical project recovery is in the order of 6 to 18 months based on the use of the ticket & transaction fee capabilities in Theatre Manager. Simply put... Theatre Manager is the finest, affordable solution for Patron & Household CRM with seamless integration of Box Office, Development, Marketing, Finance, Facility Management and... much more!


Patron & Household CRM, Donor & Marketing Management, Ticketing Management, Web Sales, Consulting Services