The opportunities for team and corporate sales are changing rapidly, and we offer the cutting edge technology to keep pace. Consumers are increasingly tech savvy and want to be able to purchase team gear for themselves, their kids, and their fans in an easy-to-use online interface. As budget cuts have hit schools (moving to a "pay to play" phenomena), teams have needed to be creative in their fundraising strategies. Online team stores make it easy for booster clubs and fundraisers to better support their community athletes and for every day team managers to get their order details AND payment in 3 easy steps: select, share, collect!

KITORDER'S SOFTWARE (known as our Team Edition) helps companies, teams, groups, and corporate brands of all sizes track and manage group orders. Stores are free to set-up and can be branded and shared with only a few simple clicks - easy for even "non-tech" folks! We also are the industry-leader in going BIG! KitOrder's Enterprise Edition for large-scale vendors provides a robust, multi-store solution complete with integrated accounting, sales, marketing, and shipping packages.


Your time is better spent growing relationships than managing spreadsheets. Get out and run, ride, or generally, just play - we'll handle the details.