Member Management Software

The ChamberMaster Member Management Software is powerful, easy-to-use and designed to manage all the day-to-day operations of your organization. Thousands of people in chambers, business, and convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs) trust ChamberMaster to manage their most important information and help promote and grow the communities they serve. If you're part of a non-chamber association, you may prefer MemberZone. MemberZone is designed for all other types of member-oriented associations.

ChamberMaster has several integrated components and features to save you time and effort. We've heard from customers that it's like gaining an extra person on staff. Enter information once and updates automatically ripple throughout your entire system. With ChamberMaster Member Management Software you can manage complex tasks with ease.

At its core, the member management system is a sophisticated database with an easy to use interface that allows you to track and summarize all relevant data regarding your members. Adding members and updating information is a snap. You’ll never lose your member information and you’ll have access to your data anytime, anywhere.

Top five benefits:

  • Online application form easily brings members to you
  • Key member engagement reports highlight at-risk or most engaged members
  • Easily manage members activity, billing, and contact info in one central database
  • Synchronization with third party vendors to eliminate data entry into multiple systems
  • Integration with your existing website that instantly updates your online directory, event calendar, and key pages

Custom Reporting

Accurate reports drive your decisions. Gain better insights with an easy-to-read dashboard of your key metrics and unparalleled reporting capabilities. Measuring, exploring and communicating your organization’s performance has never been so transparent. Build, customize, update and distribute professional-level performance reports to all stakeholders in a few clicks.


The ChamberMaster Events module is designed to help you navigate every aspect of the event process - everything from inviting attendees to tracking registrations to creating invoices.

Top benefits:

  • Set up and assign billing preferences, event fees, promo codes and discounts
  • Send invitations and include RSVP links
  • Track attendees, use online registrations and accept online payments
  • Create invoices and receive payments for each event
  • Allow members or community to submit events they wish to add to your public calendar(s)
  • Check-in attendees using the ChamberMaster Mobile app
  • Generate revenue by adding sponsors and logos to events
  • Set up automatic discounts based on membership tiers

And much more...