Strider Online Marketing

We are Strider.
Your extendable marketing team.

Whether you work in a small business or non-profit organization, staffing and funding a full time in-house website and marketing team can be a challenge. Each organization has unique needs and requirements. That’s why we’ve designed Strider to work with your existing team members to fill in the gaps in your existing skill set. Learn how we can make your life easier, while helping to grow your business.

Strider was founded in 2008 by Ryan & Janis Freeman, following 14 years of freelance online marketing for a fantastic and diverse set of clients. Strider was created with this mandate: To be the friend, guide, and protector for organizations who don’t have experienced in-house staff to handle their internet-related projects. Our job is to get the right people (customers/visitors) to the right place (your website), and have them do the right thing (purchase/contact you/subscribe).