Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oaks

Based in Victoria BC, Canada, Mighty Oaks believes each custom is unique. We focus on understanding each customers technology needs and tailoring a unique offering of services and highly customized solutions.

We believe through technology organisations can better communicate, collaborate and innovate. Our tailored solutions focus on helping our customer gain the most from their technology investment to drive this innovation. We focus on solutions that have solid and measurable return on investment for our customers.

We also believe that are customers rightfully expect their solutions to be (1) dependable, (2) secure and (3) easy to use. We focus on ensuring those three attributes drive the design of the solutions we provide out customers.

Our managed services offering is based on industry leading platforms from Microsoft and Redhat. Backed by leading Network Operations and Management tools.

Our solutions offering is based on creating solutions using one of three platforms (1) Mighty+, (2) Dassault Systems - Enovia or (3) SoftExpert.