Make it easy for your customers to find you, place an order and pay for their order. As take-out and delivery are on the rise, so too is Mobile Ordering. Freewaiter mobile ordering makes it quick and easy for your customers to order and pay for their food from anywhere at any time. With the order being received on a tablet the customer will never receive a busy signal. In fact the customer can receive a notice letting them know the status of the order (accepted, promoted and the estimated pick up time for their order.) The customer can have the confidence in knowing the status of their order. Make it easy for your customers to pay you. The customer pre-pays on line before they arrive to pick up their food. Freewaiter eliminates the line up at the hostess station or pick up area. This also relieves the congestion in the lobby of the restaurant during peak times. Staff can now focus on packaging or delivering the meal to the customer instead of making them wait in line to pay you. Freewaiter loyalty solutions will significantly increase sales and customers retention.

Guests self-ordering solutions for Restaurants

The guest is encouraged to order with the electronic menu. The waiter responsible for that table verifies the order, makes any necessary changes(upsell or correction), and confirms the order for processing. The FREEWAITER interface for restaurant guests allows them to monitor their order status, call for the bill, split the bill, specify payment type (card or cash), and call for a waiter's attention. The FREEWAITER platform uses loyalty program data to display a discounted or special menu and to advise on upsell offers. The FREEWAITER platform can detect the unique ID of any consumer device registered on the restaurant’s Wi-Fi network and use this information for analytics, upsell rules determination, etc. Why not let your customers promote your business for you? People love to ”SHARE” with their friends the places they are eating at – especially if its new and current. Freewaiter mobile ordering provides strong social media sharing functions. Freewaiter loyalty solutions will significantly increase sales and customers retention.

Digital mobile loyalty solutions for Restaurants

Freewaiter makes it easy to set up a loyalty program for your guests. You decide the program, you choose the reward for your loyal guests. Freewaiter coupons can be set up quickly and easily as a way to attract guests to your business. You can select the product, date range and times for each offer. Coupons can be emailed or sent by text to participating members. Freewaiter bonus program is fully managed by restaurants and supports different criteria of earning bonus points eg purchasing history, social media sharing, etc. You can discount select items for select times of the day or day of the week. Discounts can be set by date range and time range for each selected day. By discounting at select times you attract customers during your slow periods. Bet & Get allows customers to place a bet on the score of any upcoming sports event you wish to promote. Players who guess the winning team with the exact score WIN. What they win is up to you.