We like to think that we’re a bit different than the rest. We like to keep things simple. In fact, our entire business model is built around that one [simple] word. We help you simplify IT so that you can focus on what’s most important: your business.

Here are some of the things we help our clients with:


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)
  • Social Media Stategy


  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Branding and Logo Development
  • Wireframe Design
  • Web Analytics
  • LOB (Line of Business) Application Development
  • Photography
  • Video Production


  • Server and Web Hosting
  • Managed Infrastructure Support
  • Code Maintenance and Auditing
  • Email Filtering and Security
  • Managed telephony—both mobile and fixed line


  • Managed productivity solutions including integrated fax, email, calendaring, contacts, and file sharing
  • Customer Relationship Management


Regardless of the scope of IT for your organization, we still take the same three step approach: Discover, Develop, and Support. This ensures we serve our purpose of helping your business become as successful as possible.

How We’re Different.

Clearbridge approaches IT in a unique way because IT has changed over the years. Traditional IT requires fixed assets, support contracts, and regular maintenance however IT has changed and the way your business uses it has changed. Unlike traditional IT,  “New IT” requires an understanding of your business objectives and a method of aligning IT to those in a way that is scalable, flexible, and . Clearbridge offers a fully managed way to manage all IT resources, assets, and objectives in one clear simple package: ClearOne.