Member365 by Pixelera is a breakthrough online platform designed specifically for member-based organizations to help you grow membership, automate common data-driven tasks and strengthen member engagement.

It is designed, built and maintained by Pixelera: an award-winning technology company that is widely sought out for eLearning, database development, interactive media and web design. The outcome of having successfully served member-based organizations for over 18 years with web-design and web support, Member365 marks our accumulated know-how in this field combined into a powerful Association Management System..

Smarter by design

Member365 is engineered, tested, managed and supported by Pixelera: a company with nearly two decades of experience building data-powered products that are easy to use and that help people and organizations grow.

Automated Software Updates

The beauty of Member365 is in receiving automated software updates ensuring you use the latest version. All software updates are included in your subscription fee.

Deeper insights and greater affordability. Together.

Stop using multiple applications to manage your organization. With Member365, everything is centralized through one dashboard saving you time and money.

One tool to solve many problems

Member365 is for associations and member-based organizations. That means it was designed to solve very specific but interconnected problems that these organizations have today: eliminating multiple applications by providing one centralized dashboard, ensuring a smooth membership application and renewal process, reducing your administration time spent digging for data.

No manual required to get started

Member365 was designed to adhere to Pixelera’s creative technology principle: “Make the right choices now so that the customer doesn’t need to use a manual to be able to start using the product.”

Don’t tax your time: work smarter with data

Without thoughtful design from the outset, data collection and data management tools can quickly become a task on your time. Member365 is different. It’s built for organizations who want to stay focused on their members — not on having to babysit a database.