Taxi Charger

Taxi Charger

Speed matters. Taxi Charger’s proprietary cloud-based software allows taxi companies to fully automate their back-office driver cashiering and client invoicing processes to massively cut costs and provide new value-added services to their drivers and clients. Taxi Charger is owned by Dijoto Inc.


Taxi Charger officially released its revolutionary software in the fall of 2008. Since then, it has had incredible growth success across the USA and Canada. Taxi Charger’s current customers represent over 50 major taxi fleets and 18,000 vehicles across North America!

Taxi Charger is used by the largest privately owned taxi company in the USA, Texas Taxi (3,000 vehicles), as well as Canada’s two largest taxi companies, including Toronto’s Beck Taxi.

Taxi Charger is also used in major cities including Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, St. Louis, Columbus, San Antonio, Austin, Charlotte, Louisville, Memphis, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, and more!